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Our Mission

At Bumblebee Healthy Vending, we are committed to providing our community with healthy, organic, and mindfully sourced products. Each high-tech refrigerated machine is stocked in a way that caters to the dietary needs of the establishment. We provide nutritional options to the public by including foods and drinks that are vegan, gluten free, sugar free, and other specialty items.


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Bumblebee Healthy Vending provides custom made refrigerated
vending machines catered to your establishments dietary needs.
We offer an all drink machine, all food machine, and a
combination of both.

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Drinks Only

In need of ice cold, crisp drinks? Our temperature
controlled machines provide ‘round the clock availability to a
variety of thirst quenching items.

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Food Only

From energy bars to apples, our machines can
provide it all. Built with an elevator system, each food item you
receive will be delivered to you in one piece.

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Food and Drink

Can’t decide? Choose both! Our convenient
combination machine provides the best of both worlds. Cold
drinks and fresh snacks all in one place.

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